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Butler House

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Butler House was the office of the Prime Minister during the Grenada Revolution.

Located on the eastern hill looking over the harbor of St. George’s in Grenada, Butler House is named after trade unionist Uriah Buzz Butler.

Constructed in 1943 as the Santa Maria Hotel – Grenada’s first luxury hotel equipped with a ballroom-sized dance hall that was the go-to spot for weekly parties and events – the building became the Islander Hotel in 1962.

The hotel later become the property of GULP government and in 1979 Butler House served as the office of the Prime Minister for the NJM.

The site was leveled during the 1983 US-led invasion of Grenada. In its place now is a mixture of hotels, clubs, private villas and other luxuries for the affluent that form the backdrop to English investor Peter de Savary’s Port Louis village.

Islander Hotel
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