The Grenada Revolution:

the Rise and Fall of Maurice Bishop

The death of Maurice Bishop, Grenada’s revolutionary leader, in a bloody coup in 1983 rocked the country and the world. The island nation had only been a free nation for 4½ years before Bishop was killed by his own military. 

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Dive into the story behind one of the most tragic events to take place in the Caribbean. The Story of the Grenada Revolution weaves a narrative journey about the key people and moments in Grenada when the impossible almost seemed possible.

The Grenada Revo Story, Part 1

Learn more about the backstory and the key players of the Grenada Revolution

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The Grenada Revo Story, Part 2

The idea of joint leadership of the New Jewel Movement is proposed by members of the Coard faction.

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The Grenada Revo Story, Part 3

Maurice Bishop changes his mind about joint leadership of the NJM and fellow Central Committee members react.

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The Grenada Revo Story, Part 4

Tensions continue to rise in Grenada while Bishop remains under house arrest. A series of negotiations are attempted while hundreds turn out in mass protest.

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The Grenada Revo Story, Part 5

October 19, 1983, the final day of the Grenada Revolution, ends in tragedy.

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