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Radio Grenada

The government-operated radio station in Grenada
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Radio Grenada was the government-operated radio station in Grenada.

In 1954, the station – known then as WIBS [Windward Islands Broadcasting Service] – was originally based in Tanteen.  It moved to to its current location in Morne Rouge in 1957.  The then Premier Eric Gairy began independent broadcasting as Radio Grenada in January 1972.

Following the 1979-overthrow of Gairy’s regime, the NJM established Radio Free Grenada, the name replacing Radio Grenada. The radio was the primary mode of communication used by the NJM to keep the country updated. The station building served as party headquarters for the first few days of the Grenada Revolution and as a holding cell for a handful of Gairy’s allies, senior police officers and soldiers.

The Morne Rouge building was destroyed during the US Intervention in 1983.


Radio Free Grenada
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