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George Louison

A key NJM member and loyal supporter of Maurice Bishop.
George Lousion NJM Grenada
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George Louison was an early and integral NJM member who served as minister of agriculture during the Grenada Revolution.

Educated at Grenada Teachers College, before the Grenada Revolution, George Louison was a teacher and also a farmer. He served as youth coordinator of Christian Action for the Development in the Eastern Caribbean (CADEC).

On March 12, 1979, it was George Louison who cast the deciding vote among NJM leaders to move forward with Operation Apple the next day, March 13, 1979.

Loyal to Maurice Bishop and Bishop’s strongest defender on the Central Committee, during the final days of the Grenada Revolution when Bishop was placed under house arrest, George Louison spent several hours involved in conflict resolution discussions with Bernard Coard even after being expelled from the NJM Central Committee and Political Bureau.

George Louison was arrested by the NJM and imprisoned on October 18, 1983.  His imprisonment at Richmond Hill Prison during the execution of Maurice Bishop and others on October 19, 1983 likely saved his life.

George Louison was the brother of Einstein Louison.  George Louison died in 2003.

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