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Bloody Sunday

Sunday, November 18, 1973 in Grenada when several NJM members were savagely beaten and imprisoned.
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In Grenada, Sunday, November 18, 1973 is remembered as Bloody Sunday when six (6) members of the NJM were savagely beaten and tortured.

On this day, in the town of Grenville, located in the parish of St. Andrew, Grenada, six members of the NJM leadership were scheduled to meet with a group of local businessmen to discuss a general strike scheduled to begin the very next day.

Instead, when the group arrived in Grenville, they were chased and subsequently beaten, tortured and imprisoned by Eric Gairy’s Mongoose Gang under the supervision of Inspector Innocent Belmar.

This incident made martyrs of the six leaders and helped to galvanize widespread support of the NJM from many Grenadians including the formation of the Committee of 22.  As planned the general strike began on Monday, November 19, 1973.

As a direct result of the brutal attack, Gairy was forced to establish an official inquiry of the incident known as the Duffus Commission.

The NJM members who were attacked on Bloody Sunday were:

  1. Maurice Bishop
  2. Kenrick Radix
  3. Unison Whiteman
  4. Selwyn Strachan
  5. Hudson Austin
  6. Simon Daniel


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