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Kenrick Radix

A key member of the NJM and loyal supporter of Maurice Bishop
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Kenrick Radix was a key member of the New Jewel Movement (NJM) and a loyal friend of Grenada Prime Minister, Maurice Bishop.  During the Grenada Revolution he served as Attorney General, Minister of Legal Affairs and minister of Agro-Industry and Industrial Development.

‘Dix’ as he was affectionately known, was educated at Dublin University in Ireland and later became qualified as a lawyer at London University in 1970.  Before the Grenada Revolution, Radix was a practicing lawyer in partnership with Maurice Bishop.  He was elected to Parliament on the opposition ticket to GULP  in 1976.

Following a heated exchange of words with other members of the NJM at a 1982 meeting, Radix either resigned or was removed from the NJM Central Committee and the Political Bureau. He pledged to help as much as he could in a private capacity.

In protest of Maurice Bishop’s house arrest, on October 15, 1983, Kenrick Radix lead a demonstration in St. George’s, the Grenadian capital for which he was arrested. His imprisonment at Richmond Hill Prison during the execution of Maurice Bishop and others on October 19, 1983 likely saved his life.

Following the Revolution, Radix returned to private practice. He died in 2001 after years of illness.

Did you Know?

  • Radix married Shahiba Strong who served as Chief of Protocol during the Grenada Revolution.
  • Kenrick Radix’s daughter Imarah Radix represented Guyana in the 2009 Miss World pageant.
Kendrick Radix
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