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People’s Revolutionary Militia

The citizen branch of the PRAF during Grenada Revolution.
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The People’s Revolutionary Militia was a volunteer branch of the PRAF made up of citizens during the Grenada Revolution. Formed in 1979 and expanded in 1980, its mission was to assist the PRA in national defense and perform neighborhood control.

The militia was similar to a ‘national guard’ in that members held their regular jobs and participated as soldiers on a part-time voluntary basis.  Members could be expected to be called up at any time in response to a national emergency.

These unpaid members of the militia received uniforms, two (2) months infantry training at army camps and 2-hour political education classes each week.

Men and women from all sections of the country were encouraged to join and were often seen conducting maneuvers throughout the island.

By the middle of 1983, the militia began to have problems with poor training and members who were no longer willing to support the organization. During the US Invasion of Grenada on October 25, 1983 only a few hundred of its soldiers responded to the RMC’s call for help.

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