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People’s Revolutionary Armed Forces [PRAF]

(PRAF) The group name for all the agencies involved in Grenada's security during the Grenada Revolution.
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Formed in Grenada in 1981 and headed by General Hudson Austin, the People’s Revolutionary Armed Forces (PRAF) was the overall name for the various security branches involved in protecting Grenada  during the Grenada Revolution.

The PRAF consisted of:

  • the People’s Revolutionary Army (PRA) – Full-time soldiers who maintained law and order throughout Grenada during the revolution
  • the People’s Revolutionary Militia (PRM) – the largest group within the PRAF made up of 2,500+ unpaid citizens who were given uniforms and received infantry training.
  • the Grenada Police Services – during the revolution, members of the police department lost most of their historical authority and seemed to be ‘outranked’ by PRA soldiers
  • the Coast Guard


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