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Fort George

Grenada's oldest fort situated above the harbor of St. George's Grenada.
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Fort George is Grenada’s oldest fort.  It was built in 1705 to protect the entrance to the harbor of St.Georges, the capital of Grenada.

Originally named Fort Royal, its name was changed to Fort George and then during the Grenada Revolution it was renamed to Fort Rupert in honor of revolutionary leader Maurice Bishop’s slain father, Rupert Bishop.  Maurice Bishop would later be executed on the fort on October 19, 1983.  After 1983 the fort reverted back to the name  Fort George.

Today, the Royal Grenada Police Force headquarters occupies the interior of the fort while the public is free to wander among the stone structure and its canons on the top tier.

Between 1979 and 1983 the fort served as headquarters for the People’s Revolutionary Army.

Fort Rupert
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