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Organization of Revolutionary Education & Liberation [OREL]

A radical student organization formed in Grenada in 1975.
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In 1975 the Organization of Revolutionary Education and Liberation (OREL) was formed as a student study group in Grenada.

OREL was formed to teach the basic principles of Marxism. Members of the group were young, middle class  students from Grenada’s prestigious schools such as GBSS and Presentation College. OREL students embraced a disciplined approach to Marxist-Leninist ideology.  Members of the group were especially close to Bernard Coard who served as their mentor.

Although OREL merged into NJM to primarily coordinate the NJM youth program, the assimilation was never truly complete.  Several of OREL’s original members – Liam James, Leon Cornwall, Ewart Layne, John Ventour, Cecil Prime, Lester Redhead – who rose to importance within NJM – remained close to Coard and viewed him and not Maurice Bishop as the leader of NJM.

OREL ceased operation as a separate organization in 1978.

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