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Grenada Defense Force [GDF]

An infamous group of men formed by Grenada Prime Minister, Eric Gairy, in 1973 as an additional arm to the Grenada Police Force.
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In 1973 the Grenada Defense Force unit was created to supplement Grenada’s Police Force by then Premier, Eric Gairy. .

Known as the ‘Green Beasts’ because of their dark green uniforms, the unit consisted of approximately 200-300 soldiers who were housed at True Blue barracks located in St. George’s Grenada.

Many of its members were uneducated, had criminal records and they operated under Gairy’s personal orders.

The GDF officially ceased operation following the overthrow of Gairy’s government on March 13,  1979 and the enactment of People’s Law Number 32.

Grenada Defence Force, Green Beasts
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